As a mom who still has responsibilities outside the home, it’s important to me to make the most of my time.  It can be tough balancing a job where being off the clock does not exist, serving in the community, building businesses and still taking care of home.

One of the most important lessons I learned through Mary Kay cosmetics is to place God first and my family second. I adopted this system of priorities (much to the chagrin of others sometimes), and it has worked out well.  I’ve turned down the livest parties, concerts, and other engagements for the sake of being a mom in the most important moments.

Because I am so busy, I don’t always take the best care of myself, but I do my best to make sure I take care of my daughter.  One of the most crucial aspects of this is making sure her hair is done.

Now, Jireh has long, THICK hair! Add to that the fact that she’s tender headed. So, doing her hair everyday? NOT an option!

I learned this early on, and braids have been my best friend ever since.  I take my time and shampoo her hair, condition it, and stretch it to make it easier to manipulate. Over the years, I’ve had numerous people to braid her hair!  Initially, it was family members (who are THE TRUTH with it, might I add), but as their schedules filled, I found myself searching for others who would be gentle and not pull her edges until red bumps formed.

We’ve all seen them and said, “That’s cute, but it’s pulled too tight!”

Well, I put out a feeler for someone to maintain Jireh’s hair, and I found Mercy Banks!  She couldn’t have a better name.  Her hands are very merciful to my little one’s hair.  Jireh leaves feeling cute, and who doesn’t want that for their daughter?

Now, let me show you who else was recommended, and they are REALLY good!

Alisha Stanton at Thairapy Beauty Bar

Dzsaquanae Shondranique


If you know of braiders who are not mentioned here, tag them in the comments or send a link to their social media via the WTUG app!

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