Every now and then, we hear a song that resonates within us.  We adopt it as our unofficial anthem, and we groove to it until we tire of it.  Then, we put it on hiatus and when we hear it again, we turn it all the way up, often accompanied by an “Ayyyyeeeee!”

It’s no secret that there is plenty of talent in West Alabama.  However, it’s not often that we come across local artists with music outside of hip hop and gospel.

In recent months, as pride in the Black community began to emerge in a much more robust fashion, so has Black art.  Visual artists have been drawing and painting pictures which depict their thoughts and emotions while recording artists have put their feelings to music.

One of the first on the scene was Tuscaloosa native Alvin Garrett with is release of “Something’s Different This Time.” Click here to hear the song and read the story behind it.

Then came Black Energy by Eric Harper and Cecil Barker.

It makes you feel good about being who you are, doesn’t it?

Well, let’s not stop there.  Check out Black Excellence, the latest release from C. Joseph III.

If this didn’t make you want to be your best you, professional help should be sought!

You’re probably thinking about supporting a Black business, making personal changes in your life so you can put on your best face for the world to see, planning wardrobe changes to reflect the same pride shown by Civil Rights activists who dressed in business attire as a symbol that they meant business, setting up photo shoots, etc.

Put your Black Energy and Black Excellence out there!

In the words of Salt-N-Pepa, give us some of that yum yum.  Chocolate chip, honey dip….

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Young Entrepreneurs in West Alabama

Young Entrepreneurs in West Alabama


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