As reported by the Tuscaloosa Thread, a Birmingham, Alabama Band Director was arrested after the Minor High School and Jackson-Olin High School football game on September 14.

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After a series of attempts at doing so, the officers sought to halt the director of the Minor High School band from playing. However, following a back-and-forth exchange, it was ultimately decided to take him into custody on charges of disorderly conduct.

This led to the physical confrontation caught on video where officers subdued Mims with a taser.

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The band director for Minor High School, Johnny Mims, was charged with disorderly conduct, harassment and resisting arrest in the dispute.

Mims said he feared for his life and said the officers used "excessive force" in a recent interview aired on Good Morning America (GMA).

"I didn't deserve to be tased. I didn't deserve to be tased, regardless of how people say it or how people feel about it. I never deserved that. I'm a good citizen," Mims told GMA.

Juandalynn Givan, the attorney for Mims, has announced plans to initiate legal proceedings against the city of Birmingham. Additionally, Givan is demanding that the officers involved in the case be immediately placed on administrative leave until a thorough investigation is conducted.

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