Since the beginning of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's sixth season, Kirk has been under the microscope for his cheating ways. And after supposed baby mama Jasmine showed Karlie the proof--and Karlie quickly shared that information with Rasheeda--this week's episode starts with Rasheeda and Kirk's showdown. Rasheeda expressed her feelings about it, Kirk finally came clean and admitted to cheating but he wasn't sure if the baby was really his. Despite his apologies and his plea for forgiveness, Rasheeda not only took her wedding ring off but also kicked him out. While he knew what he did was wrong, he hoped that she will eventually forgive him.

While we're aware of what went down, Karlie explained the situation to Mimi, Ariane, Tammy and new cast member, Melissa. Although it sounded a lot like tea, everyone still felt awful that it could be true. Tammy paid Rasheeda a visit, where she not only shared her experiences with Waka Flocka Flame (who also begged Tammy to take him back earlier in the episode) but also cried with Rasheeda about what was happening.

But Mimi decided to go ahead and contact her ex, Rod, who was one of the people connected to Jasmine. On top of discovering that Mimi and Rod used to date, we learned a lot more in this episode: he's the current boyfriend of Jasmine, and the two are in a triad with Keanna. Things got more complicated; Keanna also got with Kirk while Rod was in jail. The only difference was that she wasn't left pregnant with Kirk's child like her girlfriend, Jasmine.

Despite her distaste for him, Mimi met up with Rod to get to the bottom of everything. Unfortunately, Rod's big reveal, Jasmine and Keanna, was met with skepticism. And by the end of the conversation, there was arguing on both sides which included Melissa, who ran the bar they were at.

Finally, Mimi and Stevie caught up, and Stevie mentioned that Joseline is telling him to take a paternity test. But since he's still considering it, she went ahead and stole a pair of shorts so that DNA can be collected from it.

Be sure to tune in next week to find out what happens next.


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