Ray J and Princess weren't in Hollywood for the premiere of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood last week, but they came back from their lavish honeymoon and were ready to start a family. But Ray J wanted to make sure that his little swimmers were strong enough to make that happen. So he convince Safaree and A1 to go get a sperm count test with him. And to make the trip even more fun, the one with the smallest sperm count had to record a song with Hazel-E. If you didn't hear her perform on last week's episode, the guys' hesitation while discussing the thought of getting into the studio with Hazel proved that she wasn't the big star she thought she was.

On the day they were to do the test, A1 brought a special guest -- his wife, Lyrica. Unfortunately, Lyrica didn't know where A1 was taking her till they were about to take the test. And she was ready to bolt. Later in the episode, we found that A1 had the highest sperm count, followed by Safaree. Sadly, Ray J lost. Despite the fact that he now had to record with Hazel, it was more troubling to hear that his count, at 9 million, was below the average 15 million for a healthy male. How will Princess feel about this?

As Keyshia Cole gets ready to release her new record, she and her cousin catch up with Too Short to talk about where she's at with her career and her situation with Booby. Keyshia explained that things were good, but Too Short thought it was weird that Booby was living with Keyshia. And although she's moved on and the exes are on good terms, she knew she had to have a chat with him.

Back at home, she sat down with Booby and explained that while she really appreciated all the help that he has given with their son, he couldn't live there forever. Despite his love for Keyshia, Booby understood and thanked her for all of her support and, more importantly, forgiveness. After hearing all the positive words, Keyshia couldn't help but cry. However, Booby still needed to move out, but Keyshia told him to do it when he was all ready.

The love continued with Teairra, who apparently was in New York City. Although she wanted to do more with her career, something else happened when she was in the Big Apple. She fell in love -- with Cisco. Now we all remembered the New York-Hollywood crossover with Rich Dollaz and Moniece. And while Teairra was really excited to introduce Cisco to all her friends, we're not too sure if he'll necessarily be as accepted as Tea Tea hoped.

It's only the second episode, and we've got lots of new cast members. Chanel West Coast, known for being on MTV's Ridiculousness, has joined the cast this season. Ready to expand her career, her childhood friend, Nikki, thought Chanel and Safaree should link up. When introduced at the meeting, Safaree was hesitant, at first, because of her fame off MTV. But he gave her a chance and offered Chanel a performance slot at his coconut oil launch party.

While things were looking good for most of cast, Brooke was still on the rocks with Marcus till he served her with the divorce papers that his ex-wife finally signed. She was so happy that they can finally plan their lives together. Unfortunately, Lyrica came with some bad news for Brooke. When she and Nikki were at Chanel's single release party, they also met Chanel's best friend Jade, the paralegal who helped Marcus with his divorce papers. Lyrica also found out that Jade has been "dating" Marcus for a while, and that he told her that these papers were so Jade and Marcus could start their lives together. Obviously Brooke was furious with the news. And we'll have to tune in next week to find out what happens with that.

Finally, there's Masika. After Alexis Skyy turned up at Moniece and co.'s usually spot to mess things up, Masika did her best to stay out of the whole mess. But after Zell met up with Alexis, he thought he could get the ladies to come together and settle their differences. Unfortunately before Alexis could even come to the meet up, Maskia dashed out of there as fast as possible and made sure to toss a drink at Zell for even setting up the whole thing. Maskia also threatened the LHH producers that she would be calling her lawyers for even allowing this whole fiasco to be filmed.

Things are really getting crazy in Hollywood. So be sure to come back next week to find out what happens next.

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