Remember when Mariahlynn caught James with Sophia during their video shoot in previous episode of Love and Hip Hop? Well, Mariahlynn wasn't the only one who was bothered by the collaboration. Sophia's boyfriend, Jaquae, wasn't a fan either. And in order to figure out what was up with their relationship, he brought it up. Unfortunately that led to a big argument between the two.

Even though Sophia knew that she should stay away from James, she met with him anyway. She tried to keep her distance, but he surprised her with a teacup puppy, exactly the one that she always wanted. And even though she resisted his kiss, she walked away a proud puppy mama.

Sophia did care about her relationship with Jaquae. So she decided to come clean and tell him about the dog. Unfortunately, he didn't take her honesty well. He instantly broke up with her and then kicked her and the puppy out of the house.

Although Rich Dollaz promised to be better than his Creep Squad ways, he couldn't resist Anais in last week's episode, which he shared with DJ Self. From one Creep Squad member to another, Self cautiously supported his friend. And he was about to tell Navarro about his fooling around but then stopped when his friend told him about a family member dying from diabetes. Even though it looked like an easy out for Rich, it also seemed to hit home, especially when it came to chatting with his mom. When his mother told Rich about the fears she had about his health, Rich broke down and promised to really take care of himself.

After Lil Mo found out about her husband's infidelity, she had to get away. Thankfully, Remy Ma was there to bring Mo to Remy's new store opening in North Carolina. But Mo was shocked to see that Karl surprised her. She was overwhelmed but didn't tell him to go away. They two stepped outside and talked it out. Karl really wanted to win Mo back. Even though Mo was reluctant, she said she just needed some time.

Meanwhile, Remy and Papoose had their own little conversation in the back where they celebrated the success of Remy's store, bringing up the baby discussion. Remy said that once Pap would find the doctor, she'd be ready to go in for IVF.

After what happened with Jonathan, Yandy was done with Bianca. And while she cared for B, Yandy needed to let the girl go and have her figure herself out because she wasn't ready to get serious about her career if she continued to get involved in drama.

Tune in next week to find out what happens next.


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