Mary J. Blige Is The Reason To Watch The Umbrella Academy

If you haven’t watched The Umbrella Academy on Netflix, put it on your list because of Mary J. Blige.  She is the main reason I watch The Umbrella Academy on Netflix, which is a combination of drama, superheroes, and science fiction.  This series is an adaptation of the Gerald Way and Gabriel Ba comic book series The Umbrella Academy.  Released in early 2019 the first season as ten episodes, and they all leave you wanting for more.  By April 2019, The Umbrella Academywas watched by 45 million households.”  

In a nutshell, the premise of the storyline is that 43 women around the world gave birth without any prior knowledge of them being pregnant; seven of those children were adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreeves in which he converted them into superheroes at The Umbrella Academy.  The Netflix series reunites these siblings due to the death of their Father; add in some drama, family secrets, a threat to the world, and you now have an “on the edge of your seat” series.   Now where Mary J. Blige fits into the series is that plays a character named “Cha-Cha” who is a ruthless assassin and she is a perfect fit for the role.  Repeat - she is awesome in her role.  This Netflix series has only one season out but according to Netflix, “another season is coming.” 

Confession – I have watched The Umbrella Academy now twice because of Mary J. Blige and her role. - @MaryKRadio

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