Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox called for a strong community response to the spike in violent crime in the city in recent months after a shooting at McFarland Mall injured two Saturday afternoon.

Maddox said that even with 10,000 police officers, the city could not prevent suspects, who are usually young people, from getting guns and pulling them out in anger.

"TPD can't do this by themselves. The city can't do this by themselves," Maddox said.

Maddox called upon families, faith leaders and other community figures to come together and help fight this increase gun violence.

"I pray this will wake everyone up, and everyone, including myself, will take more responsibility and do more," Maddox said. "I hope and pray we never have to have this type of discussion in this type of context again."

Maddox also said the proliferation of firearms has to be fought locally but also in Montgomery at the state level and in Washington D.C. at the federal level.

"We've gotta get these damn guns off the streets," Maddox said. "There is a proliferation of firearms that are on our streets in a way that is unmatched."

Maddox was joined by city councilwoman Sonya McKinstry, and the Tuscaloosa Police Department live streamed their comments on Facebook, which you can watch below.


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