Looking for the best post-church buffet in town?  Look no further than Stillman College!

Stillman College said it has a mission to re-engage the community, and it knows the direct route to the community's heart... FOOD!

Not just food but good food, one price, and all you can eat!  Metz Dining operates a Sunday brunch for one Sunday each month. This month's brunch is this Sunday, June 9.

Who's winning?  EVERYBODY!  When you can take your choice between a breakfast buffet, a full "soulful" meat and three (or more), salad, and dessert with unlimited fountain drinks, why go anywhere else?

To add to the experience, you never know who you're going to run into.  From area pastors, distant family, next door neighbors, and community leaders, everybody is enjoying Metz Dining at Stillman College.

This week's menu has not yet been announced, but be sure to follow them on Facebook for updates.  (And word to the wise, if it says they'll be having oxtails, go ahead and make plans to get there early!)

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