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In a recent interview with Allen Mike, former heavyweight champion and popular cultural symbol, Mike Tyson explained why he thinks Tuscaloosa Native, Deontay Wilder has given up on himself after the brutal match against Tyson Fury last year.

It was a heart breaking loss on Deontay's part. Tyson came out stronger and leaner than he has ever looked - Tyson Fury was ready for the second bout against our local fighter. Unfortunate, Deontay has a very uncharacteristic style of boxing that makes his jabs and crosses hard to predict - this is a double sided blade - because he keeps his hands low with little foot movement or 'bicycling'. This is what faulted him in his last match. Complacency, defense, movement and head movement made him lose that match.

Here are a few videos of 'Iron Mike' talking about the fight and how Deontay needs to 'Grow Up'.

“I’mma take y’all m-----f---ers to school because y’all don’t know nothing about what you’re talking about,” Witherspoon said of the outcome of Tyson vs. Wilder.

Based on Witherspoon’s prediction, Wilder has a powerful “right hand,” but it wouldn’t be enough to knock a prime Tyson out. He also concluded that regardless of who will be placed inside the ring with Tyson, the latter would win.

"I don’t think Wilder's right hand would be enough at all. It would've been an easy knock out for Mike, In fact, only because Wilder doesn't have a great defense and he throws that right hand all the time. You need more than that in your arsenal to knock out Mike. In anything to do with fighting I’d pick Mike all the way,” he explained.