Miles College will salute the City of Fairfield by dedicating a vehicle to the Fairfield Fire Department, according to a press release.

This dedication ceremony will take place on Thursday, August 15, 2019 at 10:00am on the property of The City of Fairfield’s Fire Department, located at 5231 Court B, Fairfield, Alabama 35064.

As the City of Fairfield works toward strengthening its infrastructure, President French felt that it was imperative that the institution play a pivotal role in aiding the Fairfield Fire Department.   “Miles College loves the Fairfield community” states Dr. George T. French, Jr (14th President of Miles College).  “Hence, it’s part of our responsibility to help sustain our community through deliberate support of the fire and police departments, and through other means, modes of support” declared President French.

The City of Fairfield was founded in 1910, nestled in western Jefferson County and its part of the Birmingham metropolitan area. Miles College is considered the oldest resident (121 years) of the City of Fairfield, Alabama. “This dedication is an opportunity for the Fairfield community and surrounding communities, to show the meaning of a true friendship, and how neighbors love and support each other” said Mayor Eddie Penny.  “This vehicle will serve as a great need to our Fire Department; more importantly, this vehicle will be a testament to the wonderful relationship between the City of Fairfield and Miles College. We graciously thank the college” states Mayor Penny.

This is but one way this HBCU serves the community that pours into it.  For more on the institution's happenings, visit its website.

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