For a person who isn't a beer drinker, Bacon Brew and Que might not sound like something they'd enjoy, as beer is a main component. But as a non-beer-drinker, let me tell you.... You want to be there!

So you don't like beer.  I can empathize because I don't either. And there are only so many ways to enjoy bacon, right?


Sure, I'd had bacon-wrapped meats before and while the idea of those were good, it wasn't enough to get me excited about Bacon Brew and Que.  As a matter of fact, it wasn't until our first event that my eyes were opened!

Bacon had been paired with some of EVERYTHING! Bacon and maple-flavored ice cream, bacon stuffed jalapeno peppers, chicken and bacon rotel, chocolate-covered bacon, and of course some traditional pairings like bacon and eggs or just plain old bacon! It might have been a pregnant woman's dream. Check out this link to discover some bacon-inspired dishes you might not have ever considered... Like bacon chocolate chip cookies. After attending Bacon Brew and Que, I can honestly say I bet they're good!

Last year, the barbecue component was added and gave attendees the opportunity to taste some awesome barbecue, prepared by local restaurants and businesses.

Parties interested in providing bacon-inspired dishes or barbecue should call (205) 345-7200.

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