What in tarnation is going on in Mississippi?

The States of Alabama and Mississippi are often referred to as the twin states, and in many ways, we are a lot alike... Slow, religious, mostly racially divided, economically imbalanced.... All of that.  But sometimes, things that happen in Mississippi makes Alabamians say, "What the..."

Prime example, one politician was recently recorded saying something disgustingly vile.

You heard and read that right.  Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith said that if she was invited to a public hanging, she'd be on the front row. *blank stare*

Now, this comment may have been made in jest, but it certainly wasn't the best choice of words while #1- running against a black candidate, and #2- being in the state of Mississippi.

WHO makes a joke about sitting front row of a spectacle where a person is losing his life? And in a state known for having the highest number of lynchings. Were black people the only ones lynched?  No, but they made up the vast majority.  And if Smith's opponent wasn't a black man, her comment still wouldn't be appropriate.

Again, WHO does that?

While it is perceived that those outside the State of Mississippi have no dog in the fight, we certainly can hope that Smith has a front row seat for the hanging of her political career.

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