There's been another turn in the ongoing custody saga between Nas and Kelis.

TMZ has documents showing that not only are Nas and Kelis on the outs, so are their lawyers. According to Kelis, Nas' lawyer called her lawyer a "fattie" and also a "dick." While Kelis' attorney, Navid Moshtael, says he's used to being called names, seeing as how he's a lawyer and all, this time, it was very inappropriate since it was coming from a seasoned professional in front of clients and on the record.

According to TMZ, Kelis said the name-calling is going to cost Nas, and also says his team really messed up when they stopped the depo to get childish.

Back in February, Kelis filed documents requesting more monthly child support from the rapper, saying that the $8,000 per month he's been giving isn't cutting it any more. According to docs, Kelis says their now eight-year-old son, Knight Jones, has different needs than he did back when the original order was put into place five years ago, and also, Nas is doing much better financially now.

And late last year, Nas submitted court documents seeking more time with his son, describing Kelis as “hostile” when it comes to sharing custody of their child.

Basically, the drama has been non-stop for these too, and if this latest incident is any indication, may not fizzle out any time soon.


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