The games have all come to an end and the Louisville Cardinals outlasted the rest of the field to take home the 2013 National Championship. Check the results of your Million Dollar NCAA Bracket Challenge bracket - and the brackets of your favorite DJs - below, as all of the scores are final.

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Congratulations to Jeremy Rohr, who finished first after a tiebreak and won a $100 Best Buy gift card. Kelly Kott finished second and will receive a box of Alabama football cards courtesy of Upper Deck.

Thank you for playing!

[ncaabracket market="TUSCALOOSA"]

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Contest Info

  • The bracket will be updated with teams following selection announcements on March 17.
  • The (4) play-in games on March 19 and March 20 are byes -- no prediction required. Predictions are required only for the (63) games beginning Thursday, March 21.
  • Play-in game teams will initially be displayed together as one selection, until the winner is determined, at which time, the losing team will be removed.

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