Ok, it's that time of the year!!  Football season!  Are you ready??  I am!  However, I need your help with something!




So I'm starting a Female Football group!  I can remember several times wanting to go out and watch a football game with others.  I never thought it was fun watching football games alone. However,  I didn't want to go to football viewing parties alone or going somewhere everybody was coupled up and I was single.

This group is going to be for Females that like, love or want to learn about football.  Plus, you want be alone, we'll meet and various locations or sports bars to watch it together! Not to mention, teach ones that don't understand different football plays.

Now here's my problem, most of the station thinks the name i picked for the Female football group is a little risque! I don't, I love it and Jade likes it was well! So the name I came up with is "Ladies that love the D" Sooo....what's risque about that?? We all love defense, right??  :-)

So what do you think??  Do you think it's risque?  If you do, help me come up with another name, need to act quick!  Football starts this Saturday! If I pick another name that someone's recommended, I'll give you some movie passes!