A new Chinese food buffet is coming to Tuscaloosa  next month in the Skyland Boulevard location that used to house Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen.

The new restaurant will be called Asuka Buffet, and its manager Anna Jiang said Tuesday that they do not have an opening date set in stone but plan to open in mid-July.

The new concept will be owned and operated by the Wang family, who ran the Grand Buffet on McFarland Boulevard until it closed last year.

Nina Wang, whose fluent English aids the mostly Chinese-speaking staff in communicating with the Tuscaloosa community, said Asuka Buffet will offer an affordable, somewhat Americanized lunch and dinner buffet featuring over 300 items, but will also have a full menu of authentic Chinese options for anyone looking to order the real deal at their tables.

The buffet will also feature authentic all-you-can-eat sushi, Wang said, so patrons won't have to worry about racking up a large bill ordering individual rolls at high prices.

Wang said the staff has studied similar restaurants both inside and outside of the Tuscaloosa area and hopes to create a unique atmosphere with decor, design elements and menu items that customers can't find anywhere else.

Asuka Buffet is also aiming to be as modern as possible, with delivery available through Waitr and an Instagram where the staff can show the community what to expect when they visit the restaurant.

Check out Asuka Buffet's menu below and make plans to go check them out at 1100 Skyland Boulevard when they open next month!

Buffet Menu
Asuka Menu

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