Remember all the drama  with the Fayette Animal shelter about two months ago. The animals weren't being treated very well and it lead to the dismissal of the previous Director? Well there's new Director in charge now

The commission appointed Phil Holliman to replace Bellar during its meeting Monday night. County Administrator John Gordon said Holliman filled out the requisite paperwork Tuesday and took over at the shelter Wednesday morning. Holliman said he worked in construction before he was named director of the shelter and county animal control officer.

District 3 Commissioner Barry Corkren said there are exciting times ahead for the shelter. He said residents cleaned, painted and patched up the building while it was closed and it now looks better than ever. He said they plan to launch a new website later this week with information about the shelter and pictures of every animal they're housing so visitors can identify captured runaways or browse through candidates for adoption.

"It's going to be a better deal than what we had before," Corkren said. "I really think we're going to do something positive."

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