For many, coffee is an acquired taste.  I'm not sure if it was acquired for me or if my dad just fixed his in such a way that I automatically liked it. What I do know is that I enjoy a nice cup of coffee every now and then. But now, I'm onto something else: chocolate-covered espresso beans!

My family spent the weekend in Memphis for my daughter's birthday. Before returning home Sunday, we went to our usual brunch spot (Mrs. Polly's) on Beale Street. When we left there, (OUTSTANDING service and food, by the way), we went next door to Beale Sweets.

This store has a huge assortment of fudge and all kinds of other candy! Some are sold by individuals, some are packaged, and some are by weight. One of the weighed candies that caught my eye was the chocolate-covered espresso beans!

As both a chocolate and coffee lover, I figured I should give it a try.  I should have just asked for a sample. That way, I'd know if I wanted to buy it or not.  Instead, I just got a few, paid for my items, and left.

I started crunching on a few while driving home and immediately decided I should have gotten more!  They have the full, robust flavor of extremely dark roast with a hint of sweetness from the chocolate. But oddly, the chocolate doesn't make the espresso sweet, if that makes sense.  It's like eating two things at once and experiencing them both at the same time without them mixing.

I decided to do a Google search for them and came across an article that says there may be some health benefits!  That's all I needed to see. I have a new favorite snack.  I just might pair it with salted peanuts for the sake of protein, but now I have to find out where I can get them in Tuscaloosa!

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