As COVID-19 continues to ravish our lands, our first responders and those in the front line of duty are brought to the forefront as empathetic neighbors, friends, and even strangers realize just how significant the jobs of doctors and nurses really are.  Hospital support staff is just as important. From housekeepers to transporters, they are all putting themselves in harm's way to provide a service and quality care.

While it's easy for us to show gratitude, it can be hard for those who are directly affected to receive it, as their everyday surroundings may be more overwhelming. Take a look at this video, posted by a nurse in Louisiana.

If nothing else, this should make us even more grateful.  It puts a face to the front line and we have insight into not only the jobs of medical professionals but also the mental anguish they endure as parts of their commitments to service.

Let's do all we can to prevent them from seeing this as much as possible. #StayAtHome

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