In what is possibly the saddest obituary you’ll ever read, one young man’s parent were brutally honest about his upbringing, and the choices he made that led to his ultimate demise at the age of 22.

It reads as follows:

Robert Wells, III was born in St. Bernard Parish, October 9, 1997 to Robert Wells, Jr. and Deborah Wells. He spent the years after hurricane Katrina in the St. Charles Parish area until his murder on Sunday, February 16, 2020. As loving parents, we were not prepared for the untimely, tragic death of our young son He was a wonderful, funny, intelligent, talented and compassionate young man until the false desires of fast money and instant gratification lured him away from the morals and ethics instilled in him from a young age. Tough Love did not deter his mindset to stay involved in the streets. We always hoped that one day his parents' Love and commitment to him would prevail and he would abandon that life. It did not. His life ended almost instantly at 22 years old, alone in a car under a barrage of gunfire. All the fast money, cars and "things" that seemingly were of importance to him, meant nothing at his crossing. We hope and pray that Robert never bestowed this kind of senseless violence upon anyone else's child, and if this obituary can offer the opportunity for another young person to realize the streets offer nothing but heartache, pain, and ultimately death, Robert's life will not have been in vain. His pained soul is now set free from all worldly desires. Dear God, please take our son, the most precious gift you could bestow upon us at his birth, back once again as your Heavenly son. Lord, keep him in your loving arms for eternity and, forgive us. Robert was predeceased by his grandparents Robert and Bertha Wells, Sr. and George H. Dupard, Sr., Ingeborg Thurston (Richard). He leaves behind a brother, Antonio, girlfriend Hailey, and many loving aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins. There will be no service for Robert. Instead we kindly ask you to make a small donation in his name to any at-risk youth programs. Until we meet again Son, you'll forever be in our hearts.


The despair is felt in every word, but if knowing how parents feel after their children die senselessly, perhaps they’ll be more apt to give up the streets.  Please share this with all youth but especially those who seem to be taking the wrong path.

Rest, Mr. Wells; and my his parents and loved ones find peace in knowing they’ve worked to help save someone else’s child.

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