Women everywhere can relate to this. It's both a blessing and a hindrance: the underwire!

It's crazy how such a small component can have such a major influence on womanly figures, and it's just as crazy how that small piece of metal can nag you until you have the biggest attitude and snap on people for no reason other than the fact that you're in pain!

So, without further ado, I present to you:

Ode to the Underwire

Brand new bra, great lift.  That’s swell.

Three months later, a painful Hell.

See hair in the streets and wonder, “How’d that get there?”

But see that C-shaped metal, “What a pain to bear!”

They slide to one side and give a headache.

Maneuver them back to see how much the cleavage can take.

Remove only one and the girls are uneven.

Remove both, no hope to believe in.

Just take them out and deal with the slight droop.

BUT why has no one made it a complete loop?

A never-ending circle that can’t burst through the seams,

Or put round rubber tips on the ends:  the bra of my dreams!

If you remove your wire in public before it drives you insane,

Know that big-boobed women don’t judge you. We all feel your pain!

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