Omarion is in top form in his new video "Word 4 Word," the first single from his delayed Reason album that was supposed to arrive last month.

The video finds the veteran R&B singer in Japan, as he takes in the sites, soaks in the culture and most of all, dances in front of some beautiful scenery. What's cool about the clip is even though it has a movie like, epic feel to it, it's also kind of stripped down. For example, the singer shuns the fancy duds and wears some simple shorts and a shirt, looking more artsy than fly.

In an interview with Complex, the talented artist talked about shooting the video in Japan and how he took to the martial arts style of kendo.

"They have masters in kendo called a dan," he explained. "And the highest level is like a dan 10, but you can't even really start to become a dan until you're like 40 years old. And it teaches you about yourself. The strikes are personal. A strike is supposed to reflect who you are as a person. Some of that culture is in the video, and it mirrors the lyrics of 'Word for Word.'"

You can watch the well-shot clip above.

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