Since I'm fairly new to the area, I've been making it my mission to find restaurants with great food and a nice atmosphere. Since it's a college town, we can always get lost in quick food and drinks in plastic cups.

I stumbled across 301 Bistro on Friday night, it's located downtown and is on the corner of all the bar/clubs. One thing perfect about this cozy spot, is that it has it's own parking lot.

I wasn't too hungry, so I tried the Chorizo Sliders (pictured above), for only $9 you get three meaty sliders that are sure to fill you up. They have an assortment of fine cocktails & the bartenders are super knowledgeable. In fact, I spent a lot of time watching the bartender make drinks, she was talented for sure.

Historically speaking, the 301 Bistro was first a passenger station, and over the years has become numerous restaurants. The owners Lloyd and Bebe, have tried their best to keep its original architecture, the floors are still the same.

I give 301 Bistro a 5/5 - great food, atmosphere, drinks. I can't wait until its a little warmer so I can spend some time at The Beer Garden.

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