In another edition of out-of-state drivers and not staying in their lane.

It's the Out-of-Staters vs. the Locals.


I was out this past Sunday. Why not, it was simply a gorgeous day.

While on Veterans Memorial Highway on the way to stop at a store to get my errands done. I had the PLEASURE to have an ENCOUNTER with an out-of-state driver. (Can you hear the spiciness in my voice?)

I don’t want to assume, but I believe he and his group of friends were in the college-age group. I was totally getting the “I think highly of myself because I’m a frat boy” vibe. You know the type. Again, I don’t think all frat boys are like this but we have to admit there are some out there.

While staying in MY LANE and MINDING MY BUSINESS. The dude was in the middle lane. With no signals, he started to merge over. Full disclosure, I didn’t slow down. For two main reasons, it happened so fast but there was plenty of space for him to slide in.

I didn’t think anything about it while it was happening.

So apparently to him, I didn’t allow him enough space to merge over. I have pictures, there was plenty of space.

HE WENT WILD ON ME. He turned around and stared me down, throwing his hands up and then turning back to the steering wheel.

Have you ever seen a cat fall into the water? That’s what it was like.

Then he was throwing his left hand out the driver's side window with his middle finger up. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! The fragile male ego at its finest.

The middle finger, isn't that like so early 2000s road rage? 

His buddies in the backset were looking but didn’t participate in his foolishness.

I started laughing. That made it worse. This is what I imagined I looked like to him.

Digital Vision.
Digital Vision.

As my mama would say “I bet his mother is embarrassed.”

Do you want to guess what type of vehicle they were driving?

If you guess the male confidence booster pick-up truck. You would be correct.

SDI Productions
SDI Productions

Dear Mr. Man … word to the wise … DCFMUISFY! If you don’t understand that … here you go … “Don’t Come For Me Unless I Send For You.” Period.

Let's see what adventures unfold the next time I'm out and in about. I'll be sure to keep you updated.

What foolishness!!!!!

Signed, I drive the speed limit (kinda).

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