All too often, we hear people refer to themselves or one of their siblings as their parents’ favorite.  Most parents will tell you that they have no favorite child and that they love all of their children the same, but is that really true?

Some would say it’s not true as they can point out ways decisions for the offspring were made based on whether they were male or female.

For instance, a parent might tell a daughter that she isn’t allowed to date until she is 16, while a son as young as 13 might be encouraged to show interest in a girl.  He might even be given money and a ride to take a young lady to a movie.

On the other hand, a parent might be more inclined to offer financial support to a daughter while a son is encouraged to find a job and take care of himself.

It is obvious that most parents have their share in shaping the futures of their children and how they expect those futures to look, but do they do so with bias?

Does it matter the sex of the parent?

Some suggest that daughters have their fathers wrapped around their fingers while others say that sons can do no wrong in their mothers’ eyes.  This is said to be even worse if there are multiple children but only one son or only one daughter.

For instance, a family consisting of two sisters and one brother, the brother might be given more leniency than the sisters. On the contrary, a girl who has two brothers as siblings are most likely to feel protected by them…. And their dad!

What was/is your experience? Are you a parent who favors your sons or daughters?

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