Unless you’ve participated in home schooling before COVID-19, the whole process of virtual learning can take some getting used to.

Many parents await the first day of school and take pictures to document the moment their children begin a new level of academia.  This year, that picture looks quite different.

After seeing a friend make a Facebook post about the lack of first day of school pictures, I decided to post one of my daughter, sitting at my desk.  Admittedly, the picture was taken after she finished with school for the day (hence the snacks), but it was exactly how she looked every time I came to check on her.

I wanted to see how many other parents were willing to share their pictures, and they did not disappoint.

First Day of School Photos from Tuscaloosa Area Children

Undoubtedly, 2020 Seniors were initially struck with ill feelings when graduations were postponed, as they looked forward to celebrating milestones; but their parents are likely overjoyed about having one less child (or none) to do virtual learning.

Never the less, this is going to be an amazing albeit different school year.

If we can look toward a silver lining, it wold be in the fact that STEM programs have been emphasized in recent years. So, current students are getting a healthy dose of the "technology" part.

Here's to an awesome beginning of the 2020-2021 school year!

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