Paul Walker's family has elected to hold a private funeral for the late actor, who died in a fiery, one-car, two-person crash last month. Since Walker considered his 'Fast + Furious' castmates and crew to be like family, they will also be a part of the service to say goodbye to the actor.

The family has chosen to keep the service intimate since they are said to be concerned about Meadow, Paul's daughter.

Meadow, 15, recently moved to L.A. to be closer to her dad. She is struggling mightily after his death, which is completely understandable.

A source told TMZ that the Walkers are going with a private memorial as opposed to a public one so she can grieve properly, without having a bunch of strangers around her.

Since Paul was close with crew and spent lots of time with those involved, they have been invited. They are in mourning, too, and the family understands their need for closure and to cope.

The date of the funeral has not been revealed. A larger memorial will take place after the private one, but that event will also be an invite-only affair.

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