The Tuscaloosa Police Department asked for the public's help locating a thief accused of stealing from an unlikely place.

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It seems like thieves in Tuscaloosa love going for unlikely or strange targets.

There was that one time when someone stole the script A from the top of popular restaurant Rama Jama's.

Fortunately, it was returned and the restaurant owner Gary Lewis agreed not to press charges.

Friday afternoon, The Tuscaloosa Police Department posted to Facebook, hoping to identify a woman who is accused of stealing from Kalli's Love Stuff.


The store that sells adult products in Tuscaloosa.

According to the post, the woman was seen placing multiple items in her purse before leaving the Hackberry Lane store on June 22nd.

TPD recently updated the post saying that she has been identified and more details will be released in the future.

We'll be sure to post an update when details are released.

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