A lockdown was in place at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama due to an emergency situation that was thought to include an active shooter situation. 

UPDATE: A press conference was held in Huntsville this afternoon to update the situation and officials confirmed that there was no active shooter. The alert turned out to be a false alarm.

EARLIER: We are awaiting further details on the incident, which hasn't been confirmed or denied hours after the initial report, but Redstone Arsenal did share this update on Facebook.

The first official word from the military post came via Twitter when they issued a 'run, hide, fight' warning.

According to AL.com, an email went out to employees minutes later that read:

"This is a real world event, which is not part of the exercise. The facility is under lockdown and all gates are closed. More to follow.


An investigation is still ongoing and a press conference is expected this afternoon, but it has been confirmed that no casualties or injuries resulted from this situation.

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