Power returned for Season Four after a nine-month hiatus, and show creator Courtney Kemp Agboh picked things up exactly where they left off: with James St. Patrick being processed into a New York county jail, Tariq unconscious at Kanan's house, Keisha still missing and Tommy establishing himself as the new drug connect (in lieu of Milan's death). With so many unanswered questions left after the season 3 finale, the show didn't waste any time.

In case you don't remember, Kanan, who now goes by the name Slim, drugged Tariq, took a picture of him while he was unconscious and sent it to Tasha in an attempt to ask for ransom. Tasha panicked and called Tommy for help after several obvious failed attempts to contact Ghost. Unfortunately, Tommy couldn't run to Tasha's immediate rescue because he was busy informing LaKeisha that the coast was clear and she can finally come out of hiding. Fans have been wondering if Keisha was dead or alive--you can now rest assured knowing she and her son are alive and well.)

After letting Keisha know she can return to life as usual, Tommy visits Dre at Truth to find out about Tariq's new friends and current location. Dre plays dumb, but of course, he knows exactly who has Tariq. Dre visits Kanan and asks to return Tariq home, but Jukebox is still around, and she said Tariq wasn't going anywhere unless the money was right. After agreeing to pay almost $50K per week, indefinitely, Kanan lets Dre take Tariq home, but not without reminding him that Tasha can never know about their "friendship."

During all of this commotion, Tasha and Tommy still don't know that James has been arrested, that is until Dre tells Tommy and Tommy tells Tasha, and then Tasha is quickly introduced to her husband's attorney, Joe Proctor. Proctor tells Tasha she needs to acquire two-million dollars in clean money for Ghost's bail, which she finds out is hard to do, especially with the feds breathing down her neck. But with Tommy's help, and the help of his new Serbian crew, Tasha is able to pull together James' bail money. Unfortunately, her efforts were in vein because Ghost's bail gets denied after the prosecution convinces the judge that Ghost is a threat society. And that's where everyone's world starts crashing down.

Now that Tommy is the new connect, it's his job to keep pushing product through the streets even though the block is hot! Oh, and Julio is the new distro. Dre didn't like that news, which means only one of them will prevail. The question is who will it be?

Keep watching. Maybe we'll find out next week.


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