It's an election year, so you know all of the 'hot button' topics will be debated and voted on. The 'hot button' I am talking about is the 'lottery'.

That used to be a bad word around Alabama, but with the budget issues and cutbacks, it seems more of a viable option as opposed to raising taxes.

Just think about it, when Powerball got up to that outrageous jackpot, how many people did you know or know of that went out-of-state to spend money on the lottery?

Now ask yourself, how much of that money could have stayed right here in Alabama?

Alabamians are funding schools, paying teachers, and paying for other projects in Georgia, Tennessee, and Mississippi when we need those resources here in our own state.
There is a bill being debated that would allow Alabama to join multi-state lottery games like Mega-Millions and Powerball.

If the bill is passed, we as voters would have the right to vote on it this November.

How do you feel about Alabama joining multi-state lottery games like Mega-Millions and Powerball?