Baseball season is upon us.  Team parents know what that means: An abundance of dirt and stain removal hacks.

I recently came across an ad for a cleaner that is said to make baseball uniforms white again. Either the pictures on the ad are misleading or the product is amazing, and I'm going to have to try it on regular clothes.

I remember how tough it was to get out those red dirt stains from my younger brother's baseball days. He (and most of his teammates) slid at every chance, necessary or not. His laundered uniforms were cleaned, but the red dirt was never completely removed.

Just a few weeks ago, my daughter had on very light gray jeans and broke a fall on one knee... in red dirt.  I attempted a few stain removal hacks, and it got lighter but didn't come out. Luckily, "distressed" jeans are in right now.  So, I just cut a few slits where the dirt was, and now it's not noticeable.  However, I would have rather had the basic, clean jeans.

I am of the belief that unless the product is specially formulated for a particular chemical, if it can get out the red dirt from a baseball field, it can get out ANYTHING! So, I'll be heading to Anders soon.  I'll let you know how it works out.

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