Attorney Steve Mezrano visited our studio this morning for Mezrano Monday, where he answers personal injury legal questions, and somehow the subject of forging our parents' signatures came up.

The conversation began when Mezrano's right-hand man, George, described signing his father's signature because his dad never signed his school work.  So, he assumed the teacher wouldn't catch onto the mischief.  Ironically, he says his teacher thought it was odd that his dad signed the paper because he never did before. This is what led to him being caught.

I laughed through his story because I did the exact same thing for the exact same reason! I figured my teacher didn't know my dad's signature. So, his was the one to forge.

Then, Steve discussed the time he forged his mom's signature as well as other times he was disrespectful in both the classroom and at home. The way he described it, his dad DID. NOT. PLAY.

Monique Jordan said she forged her mom's signature on a report card and wasn't caught until the next report card came, and her mom realized there was a signature she hadn't signed, even though it looked just like her handwriting. My youngest brother was A BOSS at forging our mom's signature.  I wish I had known it before deciding to try my hand at our dad's signature.

Unfortunately, with the decline of cursive being taught, these are stories future generations probably won't have. (Come to think of it, what kinds of "signatures" will they have without cursive?)

Out of four people in a room, ALL attempted to forge a parent's signature. So, it's highly likely you or someone you know has done the same.  Share your stories with us in the comments.


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