Before we jump into the pros and cons, let me be clear, I love living in Alabama. I wasn’t born and raised here but I figured my 20 years might qualify me to be an honorary Alabamian.

The few years, I wasn’t an Alabama resident, I truly missed it. Well … honestly, there were some things I didn’t miss. Like orange cones and potholes.

Tell me again why do we have so many potholes?

Being a self-proclaimed honorary Alabamian I feel like when I travel I have to defend the Yellowhammer State often.

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The whole “do you have a bathroom in your house” question gets VERY old! It’s like “come up with new material,” please.

So to prepare for a recent trip, I created a list of the pros and cons of living in Alabama. I did this basically to help me prepare for some amazing witty comebacks that I could fire back to those ignorant folks.


Check out this list.

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