There's no doubt that whenever a crime occurs involving law enforcement and people of color, it sparks outrage across the nation.

Whether the officer is the person of color or vice versa, or if it's a case of an average citizen who commits an offense which is not investigated until there is public outrage, it goes without saying that the tension created does exist in places other than where the offense occurred.

The brutal murder of George Floyd, which was captured on camera and shared hundreds of thousands of times, created more than just outrage as a sense of unity emerged as a result of disgust.

More who are tired of police corruption are speaking out against it. The riots in Minnesota were a concerted effort by protesters.

It would appear that a local protester took it upon himself to act upon his (or her) anger and allegedly vandalized the Publix on McFarland Blvd in Northport near Northwood Lake, according to Facebook user Tiffany Davis.

The vandalism could be symbolic of relating to the feeling that something must be done with the riots of Minneapolis, that something must be done EVERYWHERE in response to the injustices that continuously occur; or it could have been done by someone who wanted to keep the racial tensions aflame by painting on the building in hopes that it would be believed that the culprit is someone who would be angrier over the death of George Floyd.

As of now, there has been no suspect described.

Regardless of who did it, this certainly isn't the way to go.

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