Polling Machines Are Prepared For Tuesday's Presidential Election
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There's a 90% chance of rain in Tuscaloosa today. Yes, ladies, I know your hair is probably freshly done and you don't want to get it wet. But, don't let the rain stop you from casting your vote.

The voting polls in Tuscaloosa are open until 7 P.M. So, go on your lunch break,or when you get off work. Whatever you do today, put voting on your to-do list.

Everyone in Tuscaloosa is able to vote in the mayor's race between Walt Maddox and Stephen 'Step' Lewis. The difference comes in when you're voting for City Council or School Board members. Your district decides who you vote for. If you don't know your district, you can find out here.

Don't let anything or anyone stop you from voting today. Make it a girls trip to the polls or even a date with your lover. I think we all know just how important voting is.

Happy Voting!

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