If Family Home Security or the Vehicle Warranty Department calls my phone one more time, I'm seeking an attorney!

I've declined their offers numerous times and placed myself on a "Do Not Call" list. I've gone so far as to ask my cell phone carrier to block calls from "Scam Likely" so that my phone never rings when the caller ID would state it's possibly a scammer.

Somehow, Family Home Security keeps falling through the cracks, and I've reached my patience limit.

Family Home Security and the Vehicle Warranty Department are the absolute worst!!!

I hate them. I hate them. I hate them.
I hate anybody who works for them.
I hate the carrier that allows them to have a phone.
I hate the company's internet provider.
I hate the landlord of the company's address.
I hate the list my number is on that allows them to call my phone.
I'm almost willing to give up my car and ride a bike everywhere just to get rid of my record of owning a vehicle.

I've told Family Home Security that I have my security through another company and that I WILL NOT be switching. What do they do? Call from another number, using the same opening line, making the same offer to decline.

This aggravates me to the point that I can instantly feel my blood pressure rise upon hearing the automated voice.

I'm tempted to get a nurse to spend a week with me and record me getting my blood pressure checked upon each of these calls.

I mean, if you have to press THAT HARD, your product can't be that good! I'm so sick of these people! AND THEN, they use a local number as their own.  I've had one such call to come from my freakin brother's phone number!

Anybody know a lawyer who may be willing to take my case?

(And in the middle of writing this, I received a call from someone trying to determine if I'm eligible for disability. WHO THE _____ DOES THIS??? This junk takes such precious time from my day!  I HATE wasted time!)


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