For the past couple of days, I have been attending the NABJ/NAHJ Virtual National Convention. That dang coronavirus funked up all the good plans to hold the convention of journalists live and in person, so the next best thing is for us to be there online.

Attendees have been to several sessions with great tips and tricks for those of us who write, produce, or collaborate on telling stories for a living, and one of the most FUN sessions was on Thursday, when we all were invited to an opening ceremony dance party sponsored by Disney!

DJ Andre Mack was spinnin' the tunes on the Zoom and right before that, Rosalyn Durant, a charming big wig from Disney, told us about plans to open up a new ride at Disney's Epcot Theme Park in Orlando.

In case you didn't read the glaringly obvious headline above, I'll give you three super hints of what the theme of the new ride is going to be:
1. He's a RAT.

2. He's a RAT that likes to COOK.

3. He's a RAT that likes to COOK human food!

Do you give up?

IT'S RATATOUILLE! Disney is going to have a ride based on the hit movie, Ratatouille! There is already a Remy Ride at Disney Paris (naturellement), and now Epcot Center will be opening up the Ratatouille: Durant told us that the Adventure ride is set to open up this summer, if everything stays on schedule due to COVID-19.

When you board the Ratatouille: The Adventure ride, you will experience it as if you were a teeny, tiny rat, just like Remy. You will be swaying from side to side on a rollercoaster as you try to "escape" those French chefs trying to kill you in the kitchen!

C'est la FUN!

Ooh la la, this reminds me, I need to tell my mom, Mary, about this. Ratatouille is her FAVORITE Disney movie!

I don't know about you, but I surely cannot WAIT until it is officially safe to go galavanting at Disneyland again. By the way, Frozen, the ride is reportedly coming to Disney in 2023. Start saving up now!

Just so that I don't make this a huge ad for Walt Disney World, how about those Seattle Krakens?!

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