I'm going to keep it completely honest with you. I've been slacking on my New Year's Resolutions like the majority of people who make them.

I've realized, we fail at keeping our resolutions, because we weren't serious about them in the first place. We wrote them down because they sounded good, or maybe, we saw other people killing their resolutions last year.

So here it is: Resolutions don't work unless you start working on them. 

I didn't start working on my fitness resolution until last weekend, but it's okay because I have 11 more months to complete it.

My God Mom, is a fitness instructor at Shelton Community College, and she always tries to get me to work-out, and she's one of those people you can't say no to. Well, I can't say no to her, because she's so sweet and charming (lol).

We usually spend time walking around her neighborhood. But, this weekend we went to the park, or the Tuscaloosa River Walk.  We walked the entire distance and just talked. It was a nice Saturday morning. So many people were out because it felt like Spring. I'm a Florida girl, being around water is always calming, even if it's just a river and a few creeks.

A lot of people don't realize that long distance walking is a workout. It requires no membership. No money. It's free and therapeutic.

If the weather is nice this weekend I'll be back out there for sure.

Where are your favorite places to workout in Tuscaloosa?

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