It looks like Halloween is getting bigger and bigger each year!  We all know about the free candy, which has been going on for years but now, restaurants will be giving away free food!

Here are some of the best chains where you can get free or cheap food today!



1.  Krispy Kreme . . . free donut if you're wearing a costume.

2.  Chipotle . . . $4 burrito if you're wearing a costume.

3.  Baskin-Robbins . . . $1.50 scoops, no costume required.

4.  7-Eleven . . . buy one, get one free pizza tonight, using their app.

5.  Quiznos . . . free tots, no costume required.

6.  IHOP . . . free "scary face" pancake for kids, no costume required.

7.  Sonic . . . 50-cent corn dogs, no costume required.

8.  Cheesecake Factory . . . free cheesecake, if you get it delivered with Door Dash.


I don't know about you but I never pass up free food! To read the entire story and to see which other restaurant are giving away free food today, Click here