Stillman College campus (Photo credit: Google)
Stillman College campus (Photo credit: Google)

Last night at the Tuscaloosa City Council meeting they approved the rezoning on .6 acre on Stillman Boulevard for Checkers.

15 speakers of the community spoke to the council before they made their decision. 12 of those speakers were opposed to the rezoning. While 3 were happy to have Checkers put in the community.

The major concerns that those opposed had was that the drive-thru window, which could possibly bring 500-700 vehicles to the area where they live. While others are concerned about pollution and light noise.

Those who are for Checkers being in the area, are happy that it could bring more business, which hasn't been seen on this side of town in a very long time.

After all the opposition, it didn't matter, because the council voted for rezoning. This however, does not mean Checkers is a 'go', it still has conditions and compliance to pass.

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