On Thursday (March 29), the singer proved just how much she cares about injustice when she co-signed and amplified the voices of students protesting against Howard University to her 86.6 million Twitter followers.

After it was reported that employees of Howard University in Washington, D.C.had possibly embezzled upwards of $1 million from the school's financial aid, students took to the university's administrative office on Thursday, staging a protest while breaking out into song—specifically, Rihanna's 2015 hit, "B---h Better Have My Money."

Video footage of the moment made its way to Twitter, which the pop star herself retweeted, along with a pair of emojis showing her solidarity and support towards the students' cause.

See below:

According to CNN, in 2017 an external auditor revealed that six university employees had "double-dipped" into the school's financial aid, misappropriating funds over the course of nine years.

"Some university employees were receiving grants from the school to attend classes, while also receiving tuition remission, the investigation found, earning more money than their education cost and pocketing the difference," CNN reports.

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