Rihanna is making a lot of fans angry. Members of her Navy who aren't the most familiar with her shows (or her Instagram page, apparently) are growing increasingly disappointed and increasingly vocal about her perceived lackluster live performances.

The latest accusation? Not only lip syncing, but also having more fun with substances than with her work.

A reviewer in Adelaide, Australia reported that RiRi was over 90 minutes late after her opening act performed ... and when she finally came onstage, she was visibly inebriated.

"When she finally arrived, it was obvious Rihanna had been enjoying a few sherbets [Australian slang for beers] backstage," a reviewer for NovaFM Australia said (via Radar Online).

What's more, Rihanna apparently didn't actually sing that much, either.

The reviewer continued, "If her glassy eyes didn't arouse suspicions, then her constant crotch grabbing and lack of actual singing would have given the game away. Not that Rihanna didn't give her vocal chords a good workout, but throughout the concert, particularly during the first half, she relied on a backing track and the harmonious support of her backup singers, while she concentrated on her dance moves."

Yikes! And it wasn't just reviewers who were displeased with the performance. Plenty of Rihanna fans from the show voiced their disappointment on Twitter:

This is the second report in less than a week of RiRi not performing up to fans' expectations, as she received similarly negative reviews for a performance in Singapore. C'mon, Rihanna -- we know you're better than this!

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