It's the first unofficial holiday of the summer and more than 40 million Americans are expected to hit the road this weekend for Memorial Day.  If you're one of them, I'm sure you have noticed that the gas prices aren't getting any lower! So, here are some tips for you to save a little  on your gas this trip!


1.  Use an app.  Apps like Waze or Gasbuddy can help you find the cheapest gas prices at nearby gas stations.

2.  Buy gas at a wholesale club.  Clubs like Costco or Sam's often have gas stations attached to them and can save twenty to thirty cents a gallon on average.  Just be prepared to wait in line.

3.  Maintain your car.  Things like and oil change as well as checking your tire pressure, low tire pressure will reduce your fuel economy and can damage your tires.

4.  Use air conditioning.  It sounds This is something we always thought was the opposite but air conditioners actually create LESS drag on the engine than driving with the windows down.

Safe Travels and remember, you can take us on the road with you!  All you need is our APP!  Download it today at your play or app store on your phone!