It might be time for Myrtle Beach to lose some revenue from one of its largest tourist events: Black Bike Week.

According to Blavity, a lawsuit has been filed against the city for discrimination. It is said that during this event, one of the most highly traveled routes is placed under a 23-mile traffic loop, which can take up to 6 hours to complete and that the same restrictions aren't placed upon Harley Week, which is predominantly white and occurs a few weeks before Black Bike Week.

This is said to be the second time the NAACP has sued Myrtle Beach over the issue. The first lawsuit resulted in the city placing the same restrictions on both events, but that ruling expired in 2015, which is interesting in and of itself.

With this being an issue, not saying that it's not worth fighting for equality, by why not take the business where it's wanted? There are a number of cities that wouldn't mind the influx of weekend business.

What cities would be good hosts for Black Bike Week (other than Atlanta)?

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