Recently, in Demopilis , Alabama, a 9 year old little girl commits suicide. Why you ask? Because of bullying!

I would love to know what is being done about bullying? Not only from the staff in our schools but from the parent of the child that is doing the bullying.

Let me ask you a question, lets say you got a phone call from the school principal telling you that your child was bullying another student. How would you react? Would you go up to the school and investigate?  Would you just ask your child?  Or would you just tell your child to stop messing with the child and move on?

A lot of us parents don't see our children as being a bully but coming it turns out that they are. A lot of us are in denial, however,  you have to realize that these teachers and school staff are around our children, at least 7 hours a day during the school year.

Our children really need for us to be parents to them as well as their voice. I also think that schools should take bullying a lot more serious than they do, we're losing a lot of children from bullying. Whether it's the student getting bullied or it could be the child that's doing the bullying!

Either way, something really need to be done, for the sake of our kids. I said plenty of times, we need to have a forum with the Principals and students to find out what we need to do to STOP BULLYING!! If parents was held accountable for their child bullying, would it stop or not happen as much? Any suggestions?