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5 Desserts That Are Totally Alabama
Certain desserts describe Alabama to the fullest. I mean, you can taste the southern hospitality and tradition right in the dessert. Here are my top favorite picks.
Today Is The Grand Opening Of The Renovated TMAS
According to their Facebook page, they announced “on behalf of Metro Animal Shelter staff and volunteers, we extend to you an invitation to attend the grand opening of the renovation and expansion of our facility Friday, January 10th.
Top 5 Severe Weather Safety Tips
We want you to be aware, prepared, and safe. Here are the top five severe weather safety tips that I have collected over the years of providing weather safety tips to our communities.
3 Finds To Help You Drink Water In 2020
In December, my doctor told me I was dehydrated, even though I felt like I was getting my water in. So, I made an effort to drink more water within my healthy lifestyle limits. I found these three items so helpful in my goal.