Significant Severe Weather Across Alabama On Sunday April 12, 2020

I want you to be prepared for Sunday, April 12th because here in Alabama there is the possibility of a significant weather threat.  At the time of this blog post, this is shaping up to start around 1 pm on Sunday until Monday at 2 am.  More than likely, the timing will change, but regardless it is best to be aware and prepared now regardless of the timetable for Sunday into Monday.  Also, at the time of this blog post, it appears that these severe weather systems will be moving rapidly, so this is another reason why should be aware because receiving watches and warnings could happen very quickly.

The state of Alabama has the potential to be impacted because you will either be in an "enhanced risk area" or "moderate risk area," and you should be prepared for it all.  According to the National Weather Service Birmingham information provided on their Facebook page, an "Enhanced Risk Area" means that area will be there is the potential for strong tornadoes, damaging winds up to 70 mph, and half dollar size hail.  The "Moderate Risk Area" means that strong, long-track tornadoes are possible, damaging winds up to 70 mph, and golf ball size hail.  Regardless of your dictated area, please be very weather aware.  Please note that this radio station's listening area in the "moderate risk area." 

Also, as we are also dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, and if you usually seek shelter during a possible severe weather event and tornadoes, please be sure to call ahead to your community shelter to find out if they will be open.  I also encourage you to have multiple ways to receive weather watches and warnings; these are imperative if you live in Alabama.

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