We watched both promos for Season 3 of 'X Factor' and the only thing we gleaned out of the two short trailers was, "Did Simon Cowell finally get a sense of humor?!"

Also, if the producers are showcasing the typically crotchety Cowell's "good" demeanor, then we're really scared for what that means for the talent on the show. We only really see the judges goofing off and a jokey performance of 'Baby Got Back'...  Not a good sign.

Fans are also treated to a horrendous rendition of Britney Spears' 'Baby One More Time, to which Cowell quips, "There was a moment there, where I shut my eyes and I thought we had Britney Spears on stage." Whoa, this guy's got jokes everyone!

We see a bit of Demi Lovato ribbing Simon Cowell about his gray hair. Banter, everyone! Simon and Demi aside, we wish the new judges Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio were highlighted a bit more. We don't know anything about them in their new roles, at all!

We guess showing off the actually talented people has gone out the window now, but isn't that the purpose of these shows in the first place?

Season 3 of 'X Factor' premieres Wednesday Sept. 11 at 8PM EST.

Watch the 'X Factor' Season 3 Promo


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